Are you an avid fan of blackjack, poker, roulette or slots? If so, you are likely already aware that there are a number of platforms and variants available at your disposal. Some offer unique storylines while others boast three-dimensional graphics and hidden levels. While these are all exciting amenities, it is always important to take advantage of any bonuses or VIP packages that may be available. This can be slightly confusing, for there are a number of ways in which these packages can be presented to the player. Let us quickly list a handful of the most popular bonuses as well as the unique benefits of each.

The Casino No Deposit Bonus

A no-deposit bonus is one of the most common ways to reward a player. Some of these will be provided immediately after the initial registration while there are other options that may be available to existing members. From a general point of view, a no-deposit bonus can be broken up into four variants:

  • A small sum of cash that can be used towards a specific game.
  • Free spins (such as when playing roulette or slots).
  • Extra games at no additional cost to the player.
  • Cash-back rewards that can be used to offset potential losses.

There can also be times when no-deposit bonus codes are made available. These will then be entered into the appropriate field in order to claim the prize. Naturally, all platforms work differently and it is likely that casino bonuses will be presented in a number of unique ways.

A Look at a Free Spins Casino Bonus

As mentioned earlier, free spins are a very popular type of bonus. These could be rewarded as a result of several situations. There are many times when loyalty will be taken into consideration. For example, players who have registered with a site for a given period of time will be presented with free spins. Or, this could be determined by the number of games that have been played. Reaching a certain number of points or winning money may also trigger free spins to be awarded. Any wins accrued from these spins will normally be deposited directly into the account of the player.

The Vaunted VIP Status

Players who fall into the VIP category are normally allotted a greater number of bonuses. The most common method is to choose a VIP package when first signing up to the casino site. This is determined by the amount deposited and as a reward for placing more money into an account, the user is offered access to a number of unique amenities. Still, we should keep in mind that these casino bonuses may not necessarily limited to extra playing money or free spins. They could also include access to top-tier games or the ability to enjoy a dedicated account representative.

Welcome Bonuses

Casinos are always eager to attract new players. As this is a highly competitive industry, many online portals will offer considerable welcome bonuses as a portion of their overall pricing package. This is often in the form of a matched deposit bonus. In other words, the casino will match the funds that a player deposits into his or her account. There is normally a limit to this amount. This can range from a few hundred pounds up to a few thousand pounds.

Referral Rewards

A growing number of casinos are offering specific programmes commonly known as referral bonuses. An existing player who refers a new member to the casino will be rewarded once the registration process has been completed. In the same manner, the new player (often called the “referee”) can likewise enjoy rewards such as free spins or extra games.

Insurance Casino Bonuses

This bonus is a specific type of the cash-back system that was mentioned earlier. Insurance bonuses are meant to cover a portion or the full amount of losses incurred during a specific playing period. These will normally NOT include matched deposit bonuses, but rather any additional money that may have been placed into an account. The levels of these insurance plans will vary depending upon the casino.

So, we can now appreciate the importance of bonuses and rewards programmes. These can often be quite detailed, so it is a great idea to look at the terms and conditions of the casino in question. You can then make an informed decision and enjoy all of the resulting benefits.