Online casinos have evolved significantly over the years. Initially, the games could only be played on desktop devices, and you had to download the lobbies or software in order to access the casino. Later on, the casinos were developed in such a way that you could play on your computer’s browser. To make things even more interesting, casinos developed mobile games. These could be accessed on smartphone browsers or apps. There are still many differences between mobile and desktop casinos. Here are some of these differences:

• The Number of Games

Slot games on mobile phones are few because many online games have not been adapted for mobile phones. Desktop casinos will always have the best slots, meaning you can enjoy the variety on these sites. Live dealer casino games are almost non-existent on mobile phones. Those that are available will have many requirements that will disqualify many players. If the selection of games is one of your top priorities, mobile casinos may fail to impress you.

• Playing Remotely

The biggest advantage of mobile casinos is the fact that you can access them from any place and at any time. Desktop casinos can be accessed from home, but you will not usually be able to travel with your device easily. Since you already walk around with your phone regularly, you will enjoy the convenience of playing games straight from your mobile device.

• Bonuses

Mobile casinos are still very new to the online gambling industry. For this reason, mobile players are usually able to access an additional special mobile bonus. These promotions are meant to encourage people to play the games on their smartphones. It is worth noting that these bonuses are not standard in all casinos. If you are highly interested in promotions, you should research the company’s mobile bonuses before signing up with their site.

• Responsibility

To keep the games fun, you will need to play responsibly. Otherwise, you will run out of money and will probably ruin other aspects of your life. Mobile casinos are readily available to players, and that is one reason why mobile players are likely to get addicted to gambling. Desktop sites, on the other hand, are restricted to the portability of your computer. This makes it easier to resist the temptation to keep playing. If you are having trouble controlling your gambling habit, you should consider limiting your bets on the mobile apps and sites. The companies will usually give you the chance to restrict your bets over a certain period of time. Also, you can set the apps to automatically lock you out once you spend a certain amount of money or time on the games.

How Similar Are Desktop and Mobile Casinos?

Despite these differences, mobile and desktop casinos are still very similar. With HTML5 technology, most games can be accessed on mobile and desktop browsers. You will not need to download an app or software on either of these platforms.

The game variety in mobile casinos is quite low, but the games available are very high in quality. Your gambling experience on mobile sites will not be significantly different from that of a desktop site. Granted, the smaller screen size of a mobile phone might make it hard to press the right button quickly. With some practice, you should be able to play efficiently on both devices. For the best experience, you should find a suitable browser like Google Chrome. Others will slow down the gameplay and affect your entire experience. Alternatively, you can download the casino’s mobile app. Also, make sure you have fast internet.

The payment methods are usually the same on mobile and desktop casinos. On the phone, you should be able to make payments, view and adjust your bet slip, and finally, play the games. If you are not ready to spend real money on the services, you can play for free without having to log into your account.


Technology advances every day. A few years ago, gamblers had to purchase desktop devices in order to enjoy slot games online. Now, almost everyone in the world can play these games on their mobile phones. You only need to find a suitable mobile casino and sign up. You will then be able to make your payments and play the games. It is important to use fast internet, especially if you are playing live dealer casino games. Otherwise, the games will run poorly.