When you step up to a slot machine, you’re hoping for a fairy tale ending, right? Everyone would love the chance to be the star of their own Cinderella story, and go from rags to riches overnight. Well, we can’t guarantee that will happen with Quickspin video slots, but you can certainly have some fairy tale fun with these quirky online casino games starring all the old favourites from your childhood.

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

There’s nothing to fear with Big Bad Wolf, one of the most dynamic and fun online slots based on a classic fairy tale. In a dangerous twist, you’re not playing on the side of the Three Little Pigs – instead, as you spin, you’ll be helping the Big Bad Wolf blow down their houses.

As you collect Moon symbols, you’ll be able to destroy those pesky piggies’ houses, gaining rewards as you go. The Pigs Turn Wild feature means that more swoops means more wilds – so this game isn’t just fun, it’s also one of the most addictive slots available across UK casino sites. Think those pigs can escape you? Not by the hair on your chinny chin chin!

Too hot, too cold, just right

Who’s been sleeping in my bed? Goldilocks, of course! One of the most awesome and unusual Quickspin video slots is this Goldilocks game. Goldilocks uses the best graphics available for an incredibly immersive experience, and features some fantastic bonuses. The Multiplier Wild symbol does exactly what it sounds like: not only does it add a multiplier to the win, but it also acts as a Wild. There are also a number of Free Spins available, if you can turn the Bear symbols into Wilds! Get spinning, and you might win enough to buy yourself a new, perfectly comfortable bed – or, at the very least, a bowl of porridge!

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to slots we go…

If you’ve always fancied yourself as a bit of a fairy tale princess – or just a bit Dopey – then check out Dwarfs Gone Wild. This game is based on the legend of Snow White, with Disney-esque images and some really spectacular animation.

Dwarfs Gone Wild really is the fairest of them all: it’s one of the most visually impressive online casino games you’ll see on UK casino sites. But if it takes more than beauty to enchant you, then you’ll still enjoy it. The gameplay in Dwarfs Gone Wild is more intense than almost any other of the online slots games out there. Each of the seven dwarfs has his own unique ability, from Win Multipliers to Extra Free Spins.

Snow White’s Magic Mirror also makes an appearance in the game, offering a whopping two Free Spins and 300 additional symbols. So whether you’re Happy, Sneezy, or just feeling Lucky, it’s worth a shot!

Time for a haircut?

This is a real blast from the past for long-term players of Quickspin video slots. You might remember that Rapunzel was one of the first games we ever developed, but the princess has now had a complete makeover. Don’t worry, though, her trademark long golden locks are still in place, and they’re not going anywhere – they just look a thousand times better thanks to the latest technologies!

The goal here is to help Prince Charming rescue Rapunzel from her tower, climbing up her rope of hair to get to the top. each Bonus Wild that appears allows the Prince to climb one more step up. If you can get 3 Scatter symbols, you’ll trigger 10 Free Spins.

Lured away to the casino…

Where have all the people from the town gone? They’re following the Pied Piper to Quickspin video slots! For a colourful, immersive fairy tale experience, this game takes Hamlin’s most famous resident and turns him into the star of his own show.

Among the exciting features which will ensure that you’re enticed by the Pied Piper is the Walking Feature. If you see a Piper Wild symbol land, the Piper will lure the mice away, leading them all one reel to the left while the entire game re-spins.

For a fairy tale experience that’s definitely not for kids, check out these awesome video slots! With a bit of luck, you can finally get your Happily Ever After…